Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blacks BBQ

The one thing that Andy requested during his stay was BBQ.  We have tried a few places in Austin but everyone has told me that I need to make the drive out to Lockhart for BBQ.   I thought it would be a fun mini trip and Andy would get to see a little Texas town. 

We decided to eat at Blacks, my friend told me she liked it better than the other places in town.  When you walk in you stand in line and grab a plate.  Up first is a buffet station with a variety of sides.  Once you plate up the sides you move on down to where you order your meat and pay.  We tried to get a bit of everything although somehow we forgot the sausage.  We ended up having way too much food, of course.

I got mac and cheese, coleslaw, jalapeno corn bread, lean brisket and a beef rib.  I had to get the beef rib just for novelty- it was so huge!!!  The mac and cheese was good, the coleslaw okay.  I was pretty disappointed in the brisket, we all agreed it was dry.  The beef rib tasted awesome, very fatty and moist.  I will never get one again though- they are expensive!  

Matt got 1/2 a chicken, turkey, beans and mac and cheese.  The turkey was great, yummy and not dry.  Matt took one bite of the chicken and proclaimed it to be too smokey.  It's currently in my fridge awaiting a transformation into chicken salad.

Andy got the pork loin, which I did not try.  He enjoyed it though and ended up eating his leftovers at 5:30 this morning on the way to the airport!

Overall lunch was okay.  For some reason I just do not love this place like so many other people do.  It was pricey- our lunch for 3 cost almost $60.  We also did not do the best job of ordering, I'm sure there are ways to keep the price down.  We were going to go to the grand opening of Franklin BBQ but decided it would be way too packed and decided on Blacks instead.  Oh well.  Now to figure out what to do with all the leftovers.....

Blacks Barbecue
215 North Main Street
Lockhart, Texas 78644


  1. That beef rib is bigger than you! Looks like Flintstone food!

  2. It was huge! I couldn't pass it up, it seriously was bigger than my head!!