Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pizza Delicious, New Orleans

When I decided to plan a trip to New Orleans back in August, one of the first spots Brandon wanted to go to was Pizza Delicious.  Its kind of a weird (but wonderful) place.  Located out of a commissary kitchen in the Bywater neighborhood, they only offer carry out on Thursdays and Sundays.  Oh yeah, you have to make reservations too.  You call in that day, tell them what you want and when you would like to pick it up.  They sell out every day so if you don't put in your reservation, no pizza for you!  Its almost like Franklin BBQ but with out the line (could you imagine if you could make reservations for Franklin?!?!).  The guys who own Pizza Delicious came by Austin awhile back and ate at Brandon's place VIA 313 so when we came we got to tour the kitchen and talk pizza a bit.  They were also kind enough to let us sit at their back table to eat our pizza.  We, of course, ordered too much food and ended up giving away half a pizza to our table mates.  They serve up a great NY style thin crust with creative topping combinations.  I also had an absolutely amazing pepperoni roll, I could have easily made a meal out of those alone.

Pizza Delicious



  1. Pizza in cinnamon roll style is kind of brilliant and looks delicious! Also, VIA 313 is my favorite truck in Austin. Definitely helps with the Buddy's and Cloverleaf cravings. :)

  2. I agree, VIA 313 hits the spot when you are missing pizza from home!